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Flexi - lets usually offer a cheaper option when compared with a fully serviced house or apartment...

Partly because operators will discount rentals for longer stays, and the level of  services included may be less than a fully serviced property. Cleaning and bed linen are not usually provided, which provides a substantial saving.

A typical example could be a family having to move out of their home while building works are being carried out. Perhaps only a 1 to 3 month tenancy is required so a traditional fixed term tenancy would prove an expensive option. Business  visits, those between house sales, returning ex-pats, visiting medics , I.T. contractors , other short term contractors. A flexi-let tenancy is ideal to accommodate these short tenancy requirements., and offers a higher degree of protection to the landlord than a short stay licence agreement:

The cost of heating & lighting can be capped / Breakage deposit can be taken / Automatic legal grounds for possession

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Month by month tenancy agreement versus short stay licence agreement.

Serviced short stay properties are offered out on licence or holiday let agreements and care must be taken to ensure that the proper permissions are in place for a landlord to operate their property in this way : lease obligations, insurance conditions, lender permission and planning or local authority directives & the requirement of a  furnished holiday let status.

With a Flexi-let however a landlord is operating with a specialist type of  month by month Tenancy Agreement which will be automatically permitted for most buy to let situations, landlords are simply offering a tenancy on flexible terms.

It is imperative however that you set up each tenancy agreement to comply with current letting legislation, Landlord Direct is here to help you with the process.  Airbnb state monthly lets  must use legally recognised tenancy agreements. email us


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Benefits for both landlords and flexi-let tenants

The tenant needs accommodation for months rather than just a week or two, but does not want to commit to a longer term tenancy, nor does the tenant wish to pay the higher cost of a fully serviced short stay property.

The landlord can achieve a higher rental  & is not tied down to a longer tenancy period

Better legal protection than airbnb letting agreements, tenants are referenced & Right to Rent checked.

Does not contravene your buy to let mortgage, local authority licensing  or  furnished holiday let status

Breakage Tenancy Deposit can be taken

Utility costs can be capped to a fair usage , no change over cleaning costs required. 


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1 & 2 Bed Apartments

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Flexi Let -  Apartment

Luxury  1 Bed .  Balcony 

London  Pimlico   

Flexi Let - Barn

1 Bed .  Parking .  Garden


Experienced local short stay and holiday let agent , with flexible and cost effective support services for your property. We understand how to complement your existing short stay business, and we build up excellent working relationships with our clients.



Short 3 night lets are expensive to clean, launder and heat especially in the winter months, October to March. There is a growing number of holiday let properties being offered on monthly ' short stays'  inclusive of utility costs but not including weekly cleans and laundry, thus allowing for a lower tariff to be offered. Legally your Furnished Holiday Let status is not compromised, and our booking agreements cater for these longer stays, including capped utility costs. 


 Cost is : £ 125 plus vat - one to five month lets.