Flexi-lets - rentals typically for between 1 to 5 months

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Many urban short lets naturally  attract longer / extended shorter term bookings & landlords may prefer to simply use our specialised Rightmove advertising & short stay tenancy agreement. Our bespoke Break Clause Tenancy Agreement will be automatically permitted for most buy to let situations, landlords are simply offering a tenancy on flexible terms ideal for  Contact workers...those between house sales...insurance temporary accommodation....building works....returning expats....visiting academics & medics....relocating...the list goes on.

Why do landlords use flexi-lets:

  • You do not want to let to long term 'sitting' tenants  - stay in control of your property.
  • You operated urban short lets and want to increase profits.
  • You operate holiday lets and want to increase low season ‘ winter lets’ .
  • Your property's lease prohibits the apartment from being used for short stay airbnb letting.
  • There is a local authority directive restricting your property's use as an ' airbnb' letting.


Increase rental income:

  • Save Expenditure - a longer flexi let may not need weekly cleaning and laundry, providing a large saving to landlords.
  • Save Expenditure - you do not have to pay Airbnb their large booking commission.
  • Landlords can make the pattern of occupation work for them by accepting both longer stays and short lets so earning a higher rent overall.
  • Landlords do not get locked into long term tenancies requiring expensive possession proceedings.


Bespoke tenancy agreements:

We don't just offer you a standard online tenancy break clause agreement like many of our competitors. To do the job properly each flexi-let has to be set up on a bespoke basis, we negotiate a schedule of monthly rent payments, break clause dates and our tenancy agreements include an agreed cap on the utility costs  provided within the rent. We also work in significant rent increases after the break clause date as a penalty for any late  closure of the tenancy. Our experienced negotiators explain the process properly to potential tenants and oversee the tenancy set up efficiently:

  • Landlords advertise your rental property on Rightmove who continue to be the portal bringing the best qualified leads ( less time wasters)
  • Landlord carries out viewings
  • Tenant Right To Rent checks & landlord compliance
  • Up to TWO tenant references included
  • Create bespoke flexi-let tenancy agreement typically for 3 to 5 month stays
  • Utility costs included are capped to a fair usage
  • Tenant breakage deposit - your own free TDS account set up
  • Registered 'Safe Agent', excellent reviews, 20 year track record


An easy to use online service backed up by experienced advisers to oversee the letting process.

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tenancy agreement

Break clause tenancy agreement versus short stay licence

Serviced short stay properties are offered out on licence or holiday let agreements and care must be taken to ensure that the proper permissions are in place for a landlord to operate their property in this way : lease obligations, lender permission or the new short let rules 2024 -  planning or local authority directives & Business Rate registration :

Landlords who do not want to register their property as a short let or who's property is not eligible to be run as a short let, can still benefit from the shorter term rental market by attracting longer ' flexi-let tenancies' ideal for those looking to rent a property for a few months opposed to just a few days or weeks..


tenancy agreement

Benefits for both landlords and flexi-let tenants

The tenant needs accommodation for months rather than just a week or two, but does not want to commit to a longer term tenancy, nor does the tenant wish to pay the higher cost of a fully serviced short stay property.

The landlord can achieve a higher rental  & is not tied down to a longer tenancy period.

Better legal protection than airbnb letting agreements, tenants are referenced & Right to Rent checked.

Does not contravene local authority rental  licensing schemes, planning or short let directives.

Breakage Tenancy Deposit can be taken. Utility costs can be capped to a fair usage , no change over cleaning costs required. 


Advertise your flexi-lets

Featured properties currently being marketed on our extensive advertising channels;


Flexi Let - House

2 Bed With Garden

West Bridgford

Winter Let - Cottage

2 Bed 1 Bath


Flexi Let - House

3 Bed 2 Bath. Garden


Winter Let - Cottage

 3 Bed Luxury 


Flexi Let -  Cottage

Luxury 2  Bed 

Stoke Rochford 

Flexi Let - Barn

1 Bed .Parking .Garden


Experienced short stay and holiday let agent , with flexible and cost effective support services for your property. We understand how to complement your existing short stay business, and we build up excellent working relationships with our clients.



Short 3 night lets are expensive to clean, launder and heat especially in the winter months, October to March. There is a growing number of holiday / short let properties being offered on monthly ' short stays'  inclusive of utility costs but not including weekly cleans and laundry, thus allowing for a lower tariff to be offered. Legally your Furnished Holiday Let status is not compromised, and our booking agreements cater for these longer stays, including capped utility costs. 


 Cost is : £ 174 plus vat - one to five month lets.