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We find you a suitable rental property & set up flexi-let rental agreement.

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Property search service

  • Landlord Direct have a large database of UK landlords & we search for other available properties.
  • We compile your profile and requirements
  • We write to selected property owners introducing your profile 
  • We negotiate tenancy terms between the parties
  • We provide a credit report on your behalf to the property owner
  • We provide specialist flexible letting tenancy agreements to meet you specific timescales
  • We deal with prescribed tenancy information.
  • We deal with Tenancy Deposits ( members of TDS )
  • We are a registered Safe Agent so all client monies are protected.


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tenancy agreement

Short stay agreement / tenancy agreement / break clauses / utility costs?

Landlord Direct can quickly supply a  tenancy or short stay licence agreement to suit the individual requirements of the those needing  rehousing quickly and also to assist the landlords offering a property for temporary accommodation.

This makes it easier to negotiate terms and to get the temporary accommodation booked quickly,  smoothly and at reduced cost

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tenancy agreement

Benefits for insurers, landlords and tenants

The tenant needs accommodation for months rather than just a week or two, but does not want to commit to a longer term tenancy, nor does the tenant wish to pay the higher cost of a fully serviced short stay property.

The landlord can achieve a higher rental in return for offering  a flexible shorter letting period. Many landlords will also offer flexi-lets inclusive of utility costs and some limited cleaning. This helps the landlord keep his property up to standard, reducing wear and tear costs. Increasingly landlords now prefer to avoid longer term tenancies, due to overbearing tenancy legislation, the flexi let route allows landlords to keep control of their properties.

A tenancy deposit can be taken in the normal way. Email us for more info.