Corporate letting agent- find short term rentals

Accredited & registered short term rentals for corporate stays

A cost effective service for business', contract workers or those relocating  that require high standard houses or apartments on a short let or extended stay basis. Why pay large commissions to relocation companies  when in this digital age we can provide an experienced & professional service at a sensible cost.

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Let us help you secure a high standard property for your stay 

  • LD Short Lets have a large database of UK landlords offering high standard properties nationwide.
  • We compile your client profile so we fully understand your preferences & timings.
  • We select a  range of suitable properties for you to consider.
  • We check properties are properly registered and meet health and safety regulations
  • We negotiate short let terms between the parties.
  • We can offer housing advise and support throughout your stay
  • We can provide an inventory service if required
  • We are a registered Safe Agent 


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The short lets are safe, secure and registered

Usually short lets are furnished  and include utility costs and Council Tax charges, this means  you the guest do not need to set up accounts with energy suppliers and the property owner continues to have the responsibility of paying the energy providers during your stay, so reducing cumbersome utility administration, and providing  hassle free accommodation.

Short let properties must now be registered with their local government office ( City or County Council), so we can see the property is properly insured and that health and safety regulations are adhered to.

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tenancy agreement

Check the legal agreement being offered

We will check the legal short let agreement being offered by the short let advertising platform or property owner.

If necessary LD Short Lets can compile a residential license agreement with quick online e-signatures to secure a serviced property on the correct terms to protect the guests position.

We will check that the property is properly registered as a short let. Current legislation does allow private home owner to let out their own home for a limited amount of days but these homestays are largely unregulated.  LD Short Lets would therefore advise guests to only consider properly registered short let properties so guests  know their accommodation is safe, insured and regulated.

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